The Question is not "Does God Love Me"

The Q is not does God love me. The Q is do i love God. God calls us into a relationship with Himself and in learning about God in soending time with Him we learn that God was willing to give the most important thing His son Jesus (not that Jesus is a thing) but God gave His only sin to give His life as a ransom. Jesus was willing to walk away from His throne and kingdom to lay down His life ti give us life. So for me the Q is not does God love me! He loves me with a everlasting love even when i ciuldnt love myself. The Q is do i love God. And what am i willing to give up walk away from surrender to please Him. If im not willing to give up the world and flesh for Jesus the relationship is disfunctional. Not on His part. Im not saying this happens overnight but as we walk and build on the beutiful relationship. Do you love God ?

- Eli Contreras